What People Are Saying About Me

"I had my first tui na massage in summer 2013 after suffering from the effects of a sports injury for a couple of years. Immediately, I felt relief and a  better range of motion. I have had repeated appointments with Shane since then to alleviate discomfort in my hip. I have recommended this service to friends as I know how effective the treatments are."

 Miriam Mangan


"About 6 months I suffered with severe pain in my left shoulder, it started all of a sudden and was there constantly but got worse as the time went on.  I went to my doctor who prescribed painkillers but these only numbed the pain for a while.  My doctor suggested I attend an osteopath to see if this would relieve the pain.  I went to four sessions but it didn’t really seem to have any effect.

I was talking to my friend and told her about my shoulder, she suggested I go see Shane McMunn.  She told me he done acupuncture and massage therapy.  I was a bit sceptical because nothing seemed to be working for me but decided I would to give it a go. 

I thought Shane was outstanding.  On my first session he gave me great confidence in his ability as he listened to my description of the ailment, asked knowledgeable questions and was very professional in his approach.  Throughout the treatment he talked me through what was happening and knew from feeling different area’s in my shoulder/back where the pain was coming from.  The few sessions I had with Shane definitely eased the pain and I would highly recommend him to my friends."

Angela Boyle 


“I have been attending Shane McMunn for reoccurring health difficulties.  I had received treatments from other medical services in the past but none had a lasting impact!!  A friend had told be about Shane and I am now attending him on a regular basis.  Shane has treated both arms and wrists successfully.  I need treatment for pain management and mobility because of back, neck and shoulder problems.  I have found Shane very thorough, he explains every treatment in detail and he is very reassuring, I have found Shanes treatments very successful to date, and I intend to keep seeing him into the future.  I would highly recommend him to others, and also have done in the past!!”

F Cunningham


“I Patrick Sheerin attended Shane McMunn after talking to a previous client of his and on that recommendation I rang him for an appointment, which was some months back.

I attend Shane for back pain and also pain in my hips.  When I first saw Shane he greeted me with a relaxed friendly smile and handshake, he looked professional in his appearance and immediately I felt relaxed and knew I made the right decision coming to him.  He explained the basics about acupuncture and (tui-na) Chinese massage to me in easily understood English.  He then took information about me, my medical history and personal history which was just so he would know which approach to take with me.  There is a mixture of (tui-na) and acupuncture which was very well explained to me, I will be attending Shane for a few more sessions which I already feel and know has worked for me.  My back and hips feel more relaxed.  My experience with Shane has been happy and I would recommend Shane and have to other people and friends because he is a friendly professional who gets results.”

PJ Sheerin